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Break free from bad habits

Craving sugar, caffeine or salt? Tossing and turning every night? Reaching for the third (or fourth) glass of wine again? Letting stress get the best of you? Enjoying a second (or third) helping of dessert?

Even the smallest bad habits can contribute to chronic pain, disease, and inflammation. They keep us feeling sluggish, stuck and sick. In the worst cases, they can make us feel unworthy, unsexy, unlovable.

The Breakthrough Session is a way to uncover the mental and physical blocks keeping you from living your best life.

It’s also a way for us to know if we'll be a good fit for working together. I only coach women who:

  • Are inspiring or have an inspiring mission

  • Are ready to take control of their health & wellbeing

  • Bring real challenges to coaching sessions

  • Understand the power of commitment

  • Recognize the power of progress, not perfection

  • Are willing to take powerful action each week

  • Believe that good health is the foundation for changing the world

Sound like you? Take the first step now. We'll tackle your toughest health challenge in one hour and develop a plan of new, healthy habits to take your health from meh to hot damn!

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